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Camila Arantes was born in Salvador, Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil. The singer started her career as a very young child by participating in school events and singing at friends` birthday  parties. At the age of eleven she worked with some artists from Bahia doing backing vocals and recording in studios as well. Meanwhile she also took acting and joined a theater company directed by Fernando Peltier, an important playwright from Bahia, which gave her the opportunity to act in some plays for children, specially in ,,Os Saltimbancos" by Chico Buarque de Hollanda, one of the most famous Brazilian composers. In 1995 she was invited to join the ,,Banda Mel ". For a year the singer made shows and toured the country with the band, having also taken part in TV programms broadcast all over Brazil. In 1997 Camila formed with two other singers the first female group in Brazil, ,,As Meninas". The artist`s work was widely acclaimed due to her dazzling performance and rich voice that made the audience go on a swing.

Two years later Camila left the band in order to begin not only her solo but also international career, whose starting point was Switzerland. Her work abroad has been made up of performances in festivals everywhere in Europe, such as The Summer Festival of Mettmann (Germany) , The Zürichfest , The Carnival of Geneve , The Caliente Festival ( Switzerland ) etc....

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